Sunday, April 21, 2019

[ APR 20 - 21 ] [ 2019 ]

FSHDLKFJSDF HELLO I SWEAR I'M ALIVE just been very busy! ^ q^

AH YES i finished this maybe last week? but just got around to uploading now! ^ q^ rlc commission! i loved this oc so much, he's such a cutie pie!!


Rhett or Ashton THE HUNTER
22 / 5'10" (earth or water sign)

mother not in the picture (dead?); dad passed away around age 18.
lives in a cabin his grandpa built for his dad in the woods that he inherited from his dad.
has hunted his entire life and is quite good at it. very knowledgeable about hunting, the woods, and foilage.
messed up sleep schedule from nocturnal hunting/fishing. bags under his eyes. a bit of an insomniac.
quiet type who looks bored or uninterested all the time.

Scout or Blair THE VET
25 / 5'6" (fire or air sign)

lives alone, moved to the town to take advantage of her farm animal vet skills.
looks rather young so easily irritated over not being taken seriously. tho she can be rather airheaded, she's quick to get sassy and has a sharp tongue.
has a bit of a strange outlook on death and gore- not being fazed too hard by it. thx dead animals.
came from a large, tho still rather country, city. fcking weirdo.
not afraid to get her hands dirty and is surprisingly strong- lifting calves and colts don't happen on their own, after all!!
alongside farm animals, knows a fair bit about domesticated animals like cats and dogs. avian medicine tho? pfft, good bye.

Remington [pls call him Rem or Remy] or Bennett THE MERCHANT (air or water sign)
39 / 6'1"

lives with his daughter and has only had 1 (failed) relationship since his divorce.
chatty, thus loves his general store job. the type that can't catch that you're done talking and he keeps going.
has lived here most of his life and adjusted to the hick life. knows enough about the outdoors, but prefers his inside job.
lets his daughter pick his nicer clothes, oc edition of the will smith showing off loved ones meme lol.
hard to piss off, but he'll go toe to toe and fist fight you if push his buttons.

Melody or Meredith THE SEAMSTRESS (earth or air sign)
20 / 5'4"

moved from this town at 9 with mom during divorce. hates mom's new bf and moves back with dad here at 16.
no actual classes to learn about sewing and designing- just a hobby that she enjoys. just a fashion lover.
once dad learned about her hobby and saw her clothes, he put a spot in his shop to sell some of her designs.
shy type, and easily embarassed by her dad. despite this, she tends to stay near him.
also learning how to make wool and such from sheep, experimenting with making heavy jackets and blankets.


the hunter has been renamed tho 'cause rieka had an oc named ashton and that's what i was leaning more on! so now here he is:

his official ref!!! with a breakdown for optimal help.

and just him on his own!

btw, his name is Levi Zebala! pronounced leh-vee!

AND THEN REM!!! his full name is remington, but he goes by rem ahaha.

and then his ref by itself!!


Sunday, April 7, 2019

[ APR 6 - 7 ] [ 2019 ] NSFW


NSFW commission on TH! ^ q^ such a cutie chara, the pose was quite difficult for me to figure out, but I had fun with it regardless!

i just missed my thot son... and realLY WANTED TO DRAW ABS... i'm rather happy with this tho!! ^ q^

okface fhlsdjkfsdf i'll work on my coms tomorrow more!! gnight!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

[ APR 3 - 4 ] [ 2019 ]

april 4th maybe i will draw jonathan or mista fhsdlfhsdf

^ q^ HERE IS RIEKA'S OC EPHENA!!!! an eidolon in the part with silas~ a young one, only 100 years old and has little control over her powers!

i really really really wanted to draw a colorful chara and rieka's ocs never disappoint TT/////

ok gnight

Sunday, March 31, 2019

[ MAR 31 ] [ 2019 ] NSFW

^ Q^ finally gonna see the dentist about my really crap tooth, gghh

FINISHED HIM FINALLY,,, headmaster, and haruka's little brother! he's a new headmaster, after haruka died (and possibly another sibling), he takes the reins!

and a WIP of a commission! ^^ waiting for approval before i continue to line it!